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Midway through the Easter Sunday High Mass on
April 26, 1478, in the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore
in Florence during the Italian Renaissance, an
assassination took place.

The targets were the co-rulers of Florence -
Lorenzo de Medici and his younger brother, Giuliano.

GIULIANO DE MEDICI Simonetta Vespucci as “Spring”

Sandro Botticelli's “La Primavera”

The plot - known in history as the Pazzi Conspiracy
(La Congiura dei Pazzi) - was hatched in the city of
Rome and reached its deadly climax in the cathedral
in Florence two years later.

Over a dozen plotters conspired to kill the
young Medici brothers. Some held positions at the
top of Renaissance life and politics, including
the rival Florentine Pazzi family, Count Girolamo
Riario, Archbishop Salviati, and Pope Sixtus IV

Now, for the first time, “LORENZO DE MEDICI,”
a drama in two acts, takes a look at this fantastic,
yet unexplored, historical event - the plot to
assassinate Lorenzo de Medici, the ruler of Florence,
during the Italian Renaissance of which he was
the primary architect.

Replete with scandal and triumph, the play presents
a riveting look at the conspiracy, including the
reactions of the Medici brothers. It shows the perils
of Renaissance politics filled with greed, ambition,
and duplicity, and the constant vigilance that is
needed to stay alive.

Interwoven throughout, are the several love stories -
such as the one of passion and unrequited love between
Giuliano de Medici and Simonetta Vespucci.


was published by Dramatic Folios,
Malibu, California, January 2010

“Glorious youth, enchanting and gay,
Soon, much too soon, it is taken away.
Beware, you who waste it in pain and in sorrow . . .
None may be sure there will be a tomorrow.”
                                  - poem by Lorenzo de Medici


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